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General Information


Use this guide to install Splitcam on Windows, and how to use it.

Cover (Profile) Photos must include a clear picture of the performer(s)' face for our moderators' identification purposes. In addition, the customer would like to know what the performer's face looks like. This helps for the customer to recognize his favorite performer for future reference. Nudity is not permitted in the Cover Photo. Please look your best when you submit your Cover Photo. This will be the customer's first impression of you.

You may find that you were disconnected for a few reasons as described below: 1. The server was slow or stopped or your internet provider's connection timed out. 2. You were found to be not in front of the camera. 3. You were found to be in Nude Chat while not nude. 4. You were found to be ignoring our customers while online.

Please do not play music directly from your computer. It creates a poor connection and sounds awful on the customer’s end. If you are going to play music, play it on a separate box, cd player, radio, etc. Also, it really sounds bad when you can hear background noises of other models or people in your studio. You are encouraged to use the audio feature in your room. The customer enjoys the experience more and you do not have to type. Almost all webcams have an integrated microphone. Please use them.

A quality webcam is important for a clean, clear video for the customer. Ideally, a minidv video camera with a remote controlled zoom is nice, but can be pricey. Look into a used one if you can afford it. The quality is just so much better. However, many USB webcams work just fine. Proper lighting is just as, if not more important than the webcam. Too much light in your studio and the image streamed will be unappealing to the customer. Too little light and the customer will have trouble seeing you. Moderators may come into your room and suggest that you correct your lighting if it is really poor. Your background in your room is very important as well. Try to stay away from bright, reflective backgrounds. Simple, solid, pastel colors work best on the video. Keep your backgrounds free of clutter and simple. Make them attractive. Bunched up sheets on a mattress, a bare mattress, sitting in a plastic chair, a partial view of your computer desk, etc. are just not an appropriate background.

Do not hide your face while you are online! A customer does not want to speak to your breasts, your panties, a leg or an arm. They would like to see your smiling face and, all of you in the screen shot. You can position yourself so your upper body and face are showing, or in other positions where you do not need to move your camera around. Try to minimize having to move your webcam. Moving your webcam around while online shows for a poor quality performance.

When a customer is finished with a private chat session, they will rate your performance. Although most performances have positive ratings, some are negative. All ratings will be posted on your bio page, regardless if they are positive or negative.

Follow these simple rules to avoid being removed from the site. 1.Nobody under the age of 18 is allowed on cam – ever! If a customer asks to see someone who is underage, you are to kick and ban him. Our moderators will be testing performers anonymously (posing as customers). You will be permanently banned from the site if this rule is broken, no exceptions! 2.Performer is not allowed to give out OR ask for personal contact information. This includes email addresses, Instant Messenger information, phone numbers, etc. 3.Do not agree to perform or simulate; peeing, poohing, vomiting, bloodletting, torture, fisting, animals (bestiality), or pretending to be under 18 in Free or Private Chat.

Girls Single Girl on Cam. Boys One to four males models on cam at once. Lesiban Two to three female models on cam. Transexual One to four Transexual models on cam. Groups Three or four models online can be any combination of models but at least one model must be female. Couples One male and one female model on cam. Friends Single Model female or male with no nudity allowed on cam.